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[help]VB net patcher

Jun 27 2011 3:53 PM
hi all, since this is my first post i will tell righ now i realy like this website, it helped me learn a lot about vb net and i realy own you guys... I am 18 years old guy from croatia and in free time i program using vb net and so on... i realy like vb net cose its so simple to do almost anything :)

anyways i need some help makeing new app i hope its ok from me to ask for it :/

i am server tech and gaming operator for one clan and hosting company, we have one game that use stats but problem is there can be only one stats per box... so I came to idea to hex edit server files and it work... what i would ask you right now is is there a way to edit that string data from vb net? i lost all day looking for it and everything i found dosnt work :(

app would in resources have server file and it would load it in string or something (string dosnt work, at least what i have tried) and then it would change strings data from that exe file and save it... i have tried about 10 examples and nothing work (that was some other apps and so thats why i call them examples) can someone help me somehow i would realy appriciet it cose it is boring to do hex editing every time someone need gameing server...

just to make it clear... i dont want add any name; game, company, clan and so on cose we are only one who found this as solution so it would be bad for our bussnis that someone found this, hope you understand me :) thanks


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