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how to create login form with Angular 6 with Boostrap 4

Jun 29 2019 1:34 PM

1. You must use Bootstrap 4 for styling. The aesthetic result will not be evaluated.

2. It should have the following pages:

a. Login: Complete the login process (you can make it mock). It will be the only page available for those who have not entered the site.

b. Home page: It will include a data table * which will support paging.

c. Contact me: It will include your actual contact information as you sent it to your resume.

3. The Home page table will provide view, edit, delete for each item. The home page will also offer the "create new" feature that will allow you to enter a new row in the table.

4. There will be a menu to move between the Home and Contact me pages.

5. Create and edit forms will have Save and Cancel. Cancel will ask for confirmation if form fields have been processed beforehand.

Assume that your job will be the start of a new major project involving several developers and it is legitimate for your code to be as reusable as possible.

* For data you can use any online API that supports the required CRUD functions. B.C. Resource "Users" at https://jsonplaceholder.typicode.com/

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