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How to invert a path UP Side down without using Geo Trans.

Apr 11 2016 2:54 AM
I am using "Triangle" like Path Data in my application, I want to invert the shape upside down like "V" with out using geomentrical  transformation or path render transformation or any other attributes. 

I am using following path, I need the changes in Path data itself no need to use any other attribute to achieve the inverted result
<Path Data="M16.000016,0L24.000008,10.7 32,21.399999 16.000016,21.399999 0,21.399999 7.9999928,10.7z" />

Simply, Can any one please help me, how to parse on the Path data and convert the data (Data vale Itself) in to inverted value.

Thanks in advance. 

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