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How to manage higher level companies interview?

Mar 12 2017 7:26 AM
i have works .Net Developer in small company the monthly package is below 10000.i want to move next level.i have work still now in that company.now i want attend interview to some higher level companies.now i want to tell my expected CTC friends and some colleagues are told me to ask 3.5L to 4 L.but my problem is i am little bit of weak in communication(english)and i have works in Asp.net ,c# javascript ,jquery only.companies to provide my expected CTC.they ask me you are works in small companies now you want high CTC our company is give our fixed CTC only .how to i reply that question (you are works in low level company and old technologies why i should give a high CTC). i have ask this question in my own words sorry for poor english

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