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how to restore .Dat extention to mssql 2008....

Apr 8 2018 5:18 AM
  1. RESTORE DATABASE cbstest  
  2. FROM DISK = 'C:\JLV_CON_20180131_IMP.DAT'  
  4. MOVE 'cbstest' TO 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\cbstest.mdf',  
  5. MOVE 'cbstest_Log' TO 'C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSSQL10_50.MSSQLSERVER\MSSQL\DATA\cbstest.ldf'  
this JLV_CON_20180131_IMP.DAT genrate from oracle db
how to restore to mssql2008 

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