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How to solve The operation has timed out during fetching

Feb 27 2015 6:50 AM

  I still facing this problem during fetching data from other http url , i have a url ,direct hit this open , I am using coded but not respone and show this Error Msg " The operation has timed out"

Url This:-https://rtionline.gov.in/webservice/website_display.php?servicecode=sfIMQjFojvyPFNy5y4u4JbrzHY9kOikC3%2F7wv1eUWLU%3D&un=Oe9nk14AhqGUGGSPv%2Fnjcb7epVva7cauUx21oOYROBw%3D&pd=HlOIa%2B%2BDDBa6ncUlpce6ehhIxvrx19iNqAlGx7gLNNYPP9NDjD2qGHUG7MuZjzAiufiiMEVt6hy5legUphkXRw%3D%3D%

And I am using 3.5 version of .net,operting system windows server 2008

Please Help me ,,,,,,,, My job in denger


Rajveer Singh

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