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Javascript Issue (For Loop)

Jul 5 2020 6:28 AM
Hi Techiee,
I have 100 number of paragraph binding from database to Html code using List in mvc. But Inside each Paragraph i need to give one Br tag. Where the one sentence finished.
Here i attached my code and javascript.
But My code will give the Br tag for First paragraph.Rest of 99 paragraph Br tag is not taking it, Any Solution for it.
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  1. <html>  
  2. <head>  
  3. </head>  
  4. <body onload="myFunction()">  
  5. @foreach (ImgViewModel ourteamdesc in Model.OurTeamDesc)  
  6. {  
  7. <div id="demo" >  
  8. <p>@tbl.Designation</p>  
  9. </div>  
  10. }  
  11. <script>  
  12. function myFunction() {  
  13. var str = document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML;  
  14. var res = str.split(".").join("<br />");  
  15. document.getElementById("demo").innerHTML = res;  
  16. }  
  17. </script>  
  18. </body>  
  19. </html>  

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