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Jens Eckervogt

Jens Eckervogt

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Mono Project Team alwayas ignore me...

Oct 11 2018 6:30 AM
Hello everyone, who know Mono project? Please explain Mono Project Team -
I always fight to Mono Project Development because they always forget to fix since new version of release Mono 5.16 than mkbundle can't generate to single executable because mkbundle forgets to fix since I explain but they ignore me.
Why does Mono Project care bad? I am scary to happy fucking hackers.
 PLEASE help me and please make strict to Mono Project Development team before successful release without any errors and failures.
I hope you can fight to Mono project team for clean version of Mono Project 5.16
I am really sad because they don't care for next clean version.
Here issue
Please help to resolve completed version without errors and failures. Thanks 

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