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Parameter "Apply" button i need top of the page

Jul 10 2018 3:04 PM
hello All,
As per my project requirement I'm publishing reports in SharePoint 2010 library. Basically my report has 2 parameters that I need provide before generating report. When i ran my report in report server and BIDS, I'm good and i can pass two integer parameters before initiating report( i meant after clicking report.rdl file)and i'm able click View Report button to generate report.
When it comes to SharePoint I was not able to pass parameters like report server. I'm getting message like " Specify parameter values.....Report Parameter values must specified before the report can be displayed. choose parameter values in parameters area and click APPLY button"
I passed default values to display report with out above message. I'm wondering why there is no "view report" button when it comes to SharePoint?. I see only Apply Button. In report server I can pass parameters at report server header location.( i meant from top left corner to right)
But in SharePoint why I see parameters option at right side of the screen along with Apply button? Is there any approach to over come this issue?
Appreciate experts inputs on this issue.
i need "Apply" button option in top of the page how to change in below image is sharepoint 2013 bi web part

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