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Regarding career in IT industry

Sep 18 2021 1:46 AM

Hi, myself Akash Patel, I completed BSc.IT from India and I wanted to pursue Masters in Computer Science in USA. So I tried for student visa but was rejected 2 times. After a 2 years I recently arrived in USA on immigrant visa and as I wanted to pursue my masters I applied in universities about 4 of them and the admission was rejected based on reason that my BSc.IT was 3 years undergraduate course work in comparison to US undergraduate degree. Now the question is should I keep on trying to get admission and take graduate certificate courses or go to bootcamp or enroll in online courses like udemy or try to get job as an entry level developer. Please suggest me the path that i should choose since I am fedup of the rejections. And also suggest which technologies should I learn that are currently in demand.

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