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system32/logfiles/srt/srttrail.txt damaged?

Jan 8 2013 7:04 AM
Hey everyone,

Basically my problem started a few days ago, boot up my computer all well and good, did a windows update, restarted my computer then it went wrong during the restart (I assume). Now I boot up my computer and and it won't start up properly; it shows the windows logo for a moment then go to black screen, then on the occasion I can get it to tell me what the problem is, this directory came up as the problem:

system32/logfiles/srt/srttrail.txt damaged

Here the image I captured, sorry for the size, I'm using my phone at the moment as my computer is obviously not in a working state:

I went to advanced and tried everything to no avail. So I reluctantly decided to reset my computer, which worked until I turned my computer off and started it up again where it decided to exactly the same as before. I'm now on my second reset in a hope to get it working again.

If anyone could shed some light on this, any help would be very gratefully received.