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What is value of SCARD_PROTOCOL_HIS for smartcard programming

Jul 15 2011 3:52 AM

Hi All,

    I am doing CF C# programming for Smartcard on Win CE 5.0 OS using winscard library on embedded device. Connection to smartcard has been established using standard methods SCardEstablishContext, SCardListReaders, SCardConnect, SCardTransmit. The windows based application sends APDU data to smartcard but there are few commands, which require two APDU data exchange between application and smartcard. Smartcard works in synchronous manner and data immediately returned. The baud rate is 115200 for smartcard operation and processing time for data exchange little bit high (16ms, 9ms) and which quite  high as per project constraint. After googling few details were found, which is mentioned below

  SCardConnect method can use different values of dwPreferredProtocols.

 SCARD_PROTOCOL_T0    1     

SCARD_PROTOCOL_T1    2      (Currently communication established with T1)

 Those values of dwPreferredProtocols may be combied (OR) with following flags:

SCARD_PROTOCOL_HIS           ???          Force T=0 or T=1 at double clock speed

SCARD_PROTOCOL_PTS   0x80000000    Force the card baud rate to 9600

          The numeric values of above define are knows to me except SCARD_PROTOCOL_HIS. If someone really knows exact value of this define then please share so clock speed becomes doubled and data exchange rate will be reduced.