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Will my experience Year from first company will be counts?

Feb 8 2019 1:18 AM
 hi i worked at  company 1.5 years I followed each terms and condition as I was fresher that time and I hadn't more knowledge about How IT sector works regarding documentation, I given proper notice period of 2 months worked till the last date,  last day met to boss said thank you to him, He told me that he will send me my salary and all letter on 5 december/2018.  I believed in him and I joined a new company after one month when I haven't got any calls or salary or any letter then I went to office after talking and asking why I being delay then they give me salary and clearance letter and also mention that i has resigned from there employment and getting relieved from my duties after 30th Nov 2018 after 7 pm,  and told me that they will give experience letter after looking all work that i did because they are busy,  but again its been 3 months and i haven't got my experience letter.i mailed them but they are not replying  i also  texted to boss on whatsapp but he is ignoring my text, 
                       *Here is what i have from First company* 
   1 Offer letter  
   2 every month's salary credited in my salary accounts so I have bank slip, 
   3 Email regarding notice period and my last date of working, 
   4 Email with my clearance  letter in soft copy, 
   5 emails regarding salary delay  
* Here what I am getting from my current company  
   1 Offer letter  
   2 every month salary credited in my salary accounts so  I have bank slip,  
   3 they also send me salary slip every month
    What happens if I don't get an experience letter? 
   Will my experience Year from first company counts?
you can also give me other sugestion

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