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Wondering if anyone can help

Jun 29 2020 10:11 AM

I'm using VS code and I'm building a .net core 3.1 API.

I'm trying to use the VS code debugger. I have generated the launch.json file using the VS code command.

I'm trying to run .net attach but I can't see the process in the menu that appears.

Ive been googling and I could find was an issue on GitHub where someone had the same issue because they had. 32 bit sdk I stalled. I checked mine with dotnet info on the console and my sdk was showing as 32 bit, I checked program files to make sure and for some reason dotnet was installed in program files x86, even though on add or remove programs it even says x64. I've uninstalled the sdk and reinstalled and now it is in program files, but I still can't see the process.

Just asking in case anyone here has had the same issue.

I can provide more info if needed.

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