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Create a HTML page with a list of items from which users can choose one at a time. Items in the list must be horizontally centred within the list, and the list itself must be centred both horizontally and vertically on the page. When any item in the list is moused over, it is highlighted. When any item in the list is clicked, it is shown in bold and a function is called that uses alert() to display the item’s content. When a new item is clicked, the bold formatting from the previous item must be removed first. Please see below for illustration:
By Shehzad in Web Development onApr 09 2014
  • kuljot kaur
    Jun, 2015 23

    use list control & its properties and you can also use jquery for more effect

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  • Khan Abrar Ahmed
    May, 2014 8

    Hi, you can use the ListView control and its porperty.

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