Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Here you may find Microsoft Azure related articles and news.


  • Try Azure App Service

    Try Azure App Service for a limited time without a subscription, free of charge and commitment.
  • Microsoft Azure Service Fabric is Going Open Source

    Microsoft Azure Service Fabric is Going Open Source.
  • Azure Storage for Serverless .NET Apps in Minutes

    Azure Storage for Serverless .NET Apps in Minutes.
  • Permissions Flaw Found on Azure AD Connect

    A permissions flaw in Microsoft’s Azure AD Connect software could allow a rogue admin to escalate account privileges and gain unauthorized universal access within a company’s internal network.
  • PCI on Microsoft Azure – What You Need To Know

    Understanding the regulatory roadmap for PCI on Microsoft Azure
  • Docker Container Platform for Windows Server

    Powering New Linux Innovations With Hyper-V Isolation And Windows Server.
  • Get pro tips, web shortcuts, & the most efficient ways to use Azure

    Cutting Right to the Code: A web developer’s guide to help eliminate non-coding tasks and get code done faster
  • Azure SDKs And Command-line Tools

    Get the SDKs and command-line tools you need
  • Getting Started With Azure In Visual Studio 2017

    A must watch video on getting started with Azure in Visual Studio 2017.
  • Learn How To Create A Web App with ASP.NET And Azure App Service

    Learn how to create and deploy an ASP.NET Web App with Azure App Service.
  • Step-By-Step Guide To Building Apps With Azure And #AzureStack

    Step by Step learn building applications with Azure and Azure Stack.
  • How to Deploy your LAMP stack to Microsoft Azure

    Webinar: Turn the lights on—Deploy your LAMP stack to Microsoft Azure
  • Understanding Azure - A Guide For Developers

    The Understanding Azure guide uses common app design scenarios to clearly explain building, scaling and protecting web apps with Azure. The guide also covers analyzing user behaviour, building on IaaS, adding superpowers to your app and many other topics. Get to know the integrated cloud service capabilities in Azure so you can hit the ground running on your next project.
  • Azure Application Platform: a quick start for developers

    Quick practical tips to get started with Azure.
  • Try Azure Functions for free!

    Try Azure Functions—an event-based serverless compute experience to accelerate your development—for free!
  • Azure new blog launches: Microsoft AppSource, your destination for SaaS business apps

    Microsoft AppSource: Find the right apps for your business needs.
  • Microsoft Azure Fundamentals

    Courses recommended by Microsoft learning academy for understanding Microsoft Azure Fundamentals.
  • Azure Pointers - Changing Theme Of Azure Portal in few seconds

    In this video, we will have a smart tip on how to change Azure Portal theme in seconds.
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