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Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Here you may find Microsoft Azure related articles and news.


  • Microsoft announced that Azure SQL Data Warehouse now supports the creation of secondary B-Tree i...

    Microsoft has recently (December 5, 2016) announced the Azure SQL Data Warehouse now supports the creation of secondary B-Tree indexes on the column store table.
  • Kafka Connect for Azure IoT Hub

    Today (December 5, 2016) Microsoft has announce the release of Kafka Connect for Azure IoT Hub. Kafka Connect for Azure IoT Hub enables developers to connect IoT Hub to open source systems using Kafka for a powerful, secure and performant IoT solution.
  • Microsoft Announced the 'General Availability' of preview features and new APIs in Azure ...

    Microsoft announced the 'General Availability- (GA)' of several features as well as a new REST API version and .NET SDK that support the new GA features
  • How To Integrate Azure Functions With Larger Applications

    Chris Anderson joins Seth and explores how Azure Functions integrate with larger applications.
  • Azure Onboarding Guide for IT Organizations

    This document is to provide an overview, guidance, and best practices for enterprise IT departments to introduce, consume, and manage Microsoft Azure-based services within their organization.
  • What's possible with an integrated DevOps environment

    Learn to plan, build, test, deploy, operate and monitor across DevOps for mobile.
  • Top Cloud Myths of 2016

    op cloud myths of 2016? by Julia White, CVP of Azure & Security, Microsoft.
  • Microsoft Announced Azure DevTest Labs support for creating environment with ARM templates

    Today (November 28, 2016) Microsoft announced that Azure DevTest Labs general availability (GA) support for the capability to create environments using Azure Resource Manager (ARM) templates!
  • General Availability 'Preview of Application Insights Diagnostics' (Azure App Service) ..

    Microsoft Announced early previews of Azure App Service new diagnostics features that help us with better diagnose and fix issues in the production applications.One could also share feedback from the Azure portal.
  • Learn all about Azure

    The first in a series of courses designed to learn all about Azure.
  • Inspect HTTP Requests with Ease

    When working with Azure Functions or Microsoft Azure APPS - Logic apps, we usually work with APIs, Web-hooks, HTTP request. Most of the time it works fine, but in complex or chain flows, we do experience weird behavior with respect to request messages.
  • Top 10 voted Microsoft Ignite 2016 session

    Favorite Azure sessions are now available on demand.
  • Azure App Service Best Practices for Large Scale Applications

    In this video link provided below, Byron Tardiff, Program Manager on the Azure App Services team talks about building high scale applications on the Azure App Service platform.
  • Microsoft Flow

    In this resource you will know about Microsoft Flow and its needs.
  • Machine Learning

    In this resource you will know about machine learning and needs of Machine Learning.
  • Automate Posts to Facebook Fan Page with .NET and Microsoft Azure

    Microsoft's Nick Pinheiro shows how to automate posts to Facebook fan page with .NET and Microsoft Azure.
  • Azure tutorial for beginners

    Tutorial link for learning Windows Azure..
  • Using Fiddler to decipher Windows Azure PowerShell or REST API HTTPS traffic

    This article discuss about using Fiddler to decipher Windows Azure PowerShell or REST API HTTPS traffic.
  • Publishing a Web App to Windows Azure

    In this article author gives step by step on how to create a Windows Azure Web site.
  • Improve Performance of Your Node.js Web Site with Windows Azure Caching (Dedicated Role)

    Let’s see how we can configure the memcache protocol in Windows Azure Caching, open it up for Windows Azure Web Sites and call it from a Node.js application.