Welcome to the Object Oriented Programming section of C# Corner. In this section, you will find OOP and OOD related tutorials, books, articles, source code samples, videos, and discussions.


  • Abstract Vs Interface In C#

    This video helps to understand the similarities and differences between Interface & Abstract class in C#. Which one to choose, what are their purpose
  • Similarities between Class and Struts

    This blog shows the similarities between Class and Struct.
  • Concept Of Factories In Object Oriented Programming

    Concept Of Factories In Object Oriented Programming.
  • Make Encapsulation Easy With dotNetTips.Utility

    Encapsulation is the first pillar of Object Oriented Programming (OOP), yet most code that I see does not implement encapsulation correctly or not all. Like I say in many of my conference sessions &qu
  • Difference Between Method Overloading And Method Overriding

    In this blog, we are trying to understand one of the important object oriented features of C# language.
  • What Is An Abstract Class?

    In this blog, you will learn about abstract class.
  • What Is An Encapsulation

    In this blog, we will see why encapsulation is important in an Object Oriented programming language.
  • OOPS Concept With Real Time Example

    In this blog you will learn about the OOPS concept with a real time example.
  • Diving Into OOP (Day 6) : Understanding Enums in C# (A Practical Approach)

    This article of the series “Diving into OOP” will explain the enum datatype in C#.
  • Diving Into OOP (Day 5): All About Access Modifiers in C# (C# Modifiers/Sealed/Constants/Readonly...

    In this article we will cover each and every concept related to access modifiers in C#.
  • Diving Into OOP (Day 4) : Polymorphism and Inheritance (All About Abstract Classes in C#)

    In this article of the series "Diving Into OOP", we’ll discuss the hottest and most exciting topic of OOP in C#, Abstract Classes.
  • Diving Into OOP (Day 3) : Polymorphism and Inheritance (Dynamic Binding/Run Time Polymorphism)

    In this part of article we will focus more on run time polymorphism also called late binding or dynamic binding.
  • Diving Into OOP (Day 2): Polymorphism and Inheritance

    Here we will focus solely on inheritance concept in OOP.
  • Diving Into OOP (Day 1): Polymorphism and Inheritance (Early Binding/Compile Time Polymorphism)

    This article will cover almost every OOP concept that a novice/beginner developer might seek and not only beginners but this article's purpose is to be helpful to experienced professionals who als
  • An Overview Of Polymorphism, Inheritance And Encapsulation In OOP

    In this article, you will learn an overview of polymorphism, inheritance and encapsulation in OOP.
  • Creating "Double Linked Dictionary" (DLD) By Wrapping Dictionary Generics

    In this blog, you will learn how to create “Double Linked Dictionary” (DLD) by Wrapping Dictionary Generic.
  • Value And Reference Type In OOPS

    In this blog, you will learn about value and reference type in OOPS.
  • OOP Concepts - Part One

    In this blog, you will learn about OOP Concepts.
  • Base Class Constructor Gets Executed When Creating a Derived Class Object

    In this blog we will learn how Base class constructor gets executed when creating a derived class object.
  • Types Of Relationships In Object Oriented Programming (OOPS)

    In this article you will learn about the types of Relationships in Object Oriented Programming (OOPS).
  • Basic OOPS Concept

    In this blog I will tell you about OOPS concept
  • Diving Into OOP (Day 7) - Properties in C# (A Practical Approach)

    This article explains properties in C# and OOP concepts.
  • An Overview Of Class In OOPS

    In this blog you will see an overview of Class in OOPS.
  • Constructor Inheritance

    In this blog you will learn constructor can be inherited or not?
  • Features Of OOPS Concepts

    In this article you will learn the different features of OOPS concepts.