Azure Synapse Analytics - Link Services

In this article, we’ll learn how to link services in Azure Synapse Analytics. We’ll go through step-by-step process to link Azure Key Vault and Azure Cognitive Services to the workspace. This article would be a pre-requisite for articles such as Azure Cognitive Services - Sentiment Analysis Tutorial and Azure Cognitive Services - Text Analysis Tutorial.

Azure Synapse Analytics

Azure Synapse is a limitless enterprise analytics service that enables us to get insight from data analytics and data warehousing. Using dedicated resources or serverless architecture, data can be queried and provides scalability as per the increase in the size of the data. You can learn more about it from the series.

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Now, let us dive into the hand-on process to link the Azure Services created to our Azure Synapse Workspace.

Step 1

First of all, create the Synapse Workspace following the Azure Synapse Analytics – Create a Synapse Workspace. Also, you’d need to create Azure Key Vault and Azure Cognitive Services. Once you’ve created it visit the workspace link.

Step 2

Now, select the Azure Active Directory, your Subscription, and Workspace.

Step 3

Under Manage, Click the Linked Services.

Linking Azure Key Vault

Step 4

Now, Click on the New Button.

Step 5

Now, Search for the service you want under the Search Tab.

Here, we search for Azure Key Vault.

Step 6

Select the Azure Key Vault and Click on Continue.

Step 7

Next, we’ll be welcomed to fill in the detail for the Azure Key Vault service.

Step 8

Here, we fill in the linked service name, select the Authentication method and Azure Subscription where we created the Key Vault. Next, from the drop-down, select the Azure Key Vault you created. Under Text Connection, select To Linked Service and we are ready to go.

Step 9

Next, Click on Test Connection and you’ll be validated with Connection Successful update once done.

Finally, select the Create button.

Step 10

Once the linked service for Azure Key Vault is created, we’ll be notified.

Step 11

Now, on the Linked Services page we can see the AzureKeyVault added.

Step 12

Next, Click on the Service and hit the Publish Button.

We’ll be notified with the update.

Linking Azure Cognitive Services

Step 13

Now, click the New Button and search for Azure Cognitive Services.

Step 14

Select the service and click on Continue.

Step 15

Add in the details, here we are connecting the Text Analytics under Azure Cognitive Services. Also add in the secret and then click on Create.

Step 16

Once, the process is done, we’ll be notified and on the Linked Services we can see the Azure Cognitive Services.

Click on the Service and Publish.

Once the publishing is done, we have now successfully linked two services from Azure in our Synapse Workspace.


Thus, in this article, we’ve learned in a step-by-step process to link various Azure Services to our Synapse Workspace. You can follow through the Azure Cognitive Services - Sentiment Analysis Tutorial now and explore the power of Azure and Snapse Analytics.