Learn WCF in 10 Hours

Welcome to the Understand WCF learn series. This is the first presentation of this series. The purpose of this series is to understand WCF from the very basics. If you are a novice programmer then this series is exactly for you. If you already have hands-on experience with WCF but have not worked with it for a while then this article will help you to brush up on your skills.
This is the "Understand WCF" learn series; we are explaining various concepts of WCF applications in this series. We have learned how to create a simple service, host it in a hosting environment, consume it, and much more about WCF applications. Here are the complete URL set for your reference:
  1. Part 1: What are SOA, Services, and Messages
  2. Part 2: Understand RESTful Service
  3. Part 3: Create simple WCF Service
  4. Part 4: What is Address, Binding, and Contract
  5. Part 5: Exception handling in WCF
  6. Part 6: Function overloading in WCF application
  7. Part 7: Self Hosting in WCF application
  8. Part 8: Observe SOAP message in WCF communication
  9. Part 9: Data Contracts in WCF
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