Mastering SQL

SQL is a domain-specific language that is used in the scripting and is intended for the management of data stored in a relational database management system.
  1. Typing discipline
    Static, strong
  2. Developer
  3. Stable release
    SQL:2016 / December 2016
  4. Family
    Query language
  5. Paradigm
  6. Designed by
    Donald D. Chamberlin, Raymond F. Boyce
Your journey to master SQL begins with the following:
  1. SQL Data Types
  2. SQL Operators
  3. SQL Comment Statement
  4. SQL Select Statement
  5. SQL Select Having Statement
  6. SQL Select Group By Statement
  7. SQL Select Distinct Statement
  8. SQL Insert Into Statement
  9. SQL Update Statement
  10. SQL Replace Statement
  11. SQL Between Statement
  12. SQL Exists Statement
  13. SQL Index Statement
  14. SQL Unique Statement
  15. SQL Count Statement
  16. SQL Aggregate Functions
  17. SQL Date Time Functions
  18. SQL Table
Once you are well worsed with some basic concepts, we start with the following intermediate concepts:
  1. SQL Cast and Convert Statement
  2. SQL Stored Procedure
  3. SQL Triggers
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