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Microsoft Azure is an open, flexible, enterprise-grade cloud computing platform. Here you may find Microsoft Azure related articles and news.


  • Azure B2C Implementation In Web API And Integrated With Swagger

    Implementing Azure B2C in WebAPi and integrated into Swagger to setup Authorization globally, rather sending token every request.
  • Learn About Azure SQL Server Using VS Code

    Microsoft Azure is providing cloud-based SQL Server. it can quickly scale up or down of database size as business needs.
  • Azure CLI 2.0 Output Format

    Azure CLI 2.0 uses JSON as its default output option but provides a way to format output in any command line.
  • How To Check The Available Extensions For A Virtual Machine Using PowerShell

    Azure Virtual Machine extensions are small applications that provide post-deployment configuration and automation tasks on Azure Virtual Machines. Azure VM extensions can be run by using the Azure CLI, PowerShell, Azure Resource Manager templates, and the Azure portal.
  • Secure Your Azure VPN Gateway With Self-Signed Certificate

    This blog covers the creation and verification of a self-signed certificate. It also covers how we can upload the certificate to Azure VPN gateway and verify the connection locally.
  • Microsoft Azure - How To Check Details About Azure VM Sizes Using PowerShell

    Difference between these two tiers are the features present in them for virtual machine like high availability, auto scale etc.
  • Microsoft Azure - How To Get Details About Azure VM Images Using PowerShell

    In this blog, we will discuss how to check the details of the virtual machine images available in Microsoft Azure.
  • Learn About Azure Resource Group

    In this article, we will discuss on Azure Resource Group.
  • How To Access Our Azure Virtual Machine Locally

    Login to your Azure Portal, and then select the Virtual Machine that you want to access, in this demo I'm going to select Data-Server.
  • Azure .NET SDK Namespace - Microsoft.Azure.* Vs Microsoft.WindowsAzure.*

    Here describing about 2 main categories of Azure SDKs and also telling about how they differentiate. I know many of you are using these 2 categories of Azure SDKs and got the question about their difference
  • Resolving: "Failed To Deploy The Project. Try again later. Microsoft SQL Server, Error: 27118" In...

    In this post, we will be stepping through details of how we can troubleshoot the infamous error while we face during the SSIS deployment.
  • Send Mail Using SendGrid

    SendGrid API help to deliver your important emails over SMPT or HTTP. It having its own server which is on cloud and help you to integrate there durable service with less efforts.
  • Microsoft Azure - Storing All cmdlets In A File Using Windows Azure PowerShell

    Windows Azure PowerShell has a big library for azure cmdlets which is very helpful in doing things without logging to Azure portal.
  • Azure Web App Creation

    In this blog we will see how to create a new Web App in Microsoft Azure.
  • Configuring Fortinet FortiGate Firewall In Microsoft Azure

    Currently most Middle Eastern countries are using Fortinet FortiGate Firewall from Microsoft Azure, for that purpose I'm creating this blog.
  • API Aggregation Using Azure API Management

    How to implement API aggregation using Azure API Management services
  • Learn About Azure Migration

    Azure helps you focus on core functionality and keeps you free from the pain of maintenance of infrastructure, security and other activities.
  • Creating Azure Service Bus Queues

    This post is about Azure Service Bus queues. See how to write a .NET console application to send/receive a set of messages to the queue.
  • Chocolatey - The Package Manager For Windows

    Chocolatey is a package manager for Windows. It was designed to be a framework for quickly installing applications and tools that you need asap. It is built on the NuGet infrastructure currently using Power-Shell as its focus for delivering packages from source to destination.
  • Create Sample Web API And Deploy It In Azure With ADAL

    I am writing this blog to demonstrate the step by step procedure for creating a simple Web API and using it with Azure ADAL.