Printing in C#
Welcome to Printing section of C# Corner. In this section, you will find various Printing related source code samples, articles, tutorials, and tips.


  • john donell

    Interrogating Your Printer Queues with WMI

    In response to a newsgroup query here is the code needed to view the printer queues on your system.
    john donell Jan 04, 2006
  • john donell

    Printing Directly to the Printer

    Using this code enables you to print directly to the printer using WIN32 api calls and therefore should enable you to print at maximum speed rather than relying in the Windows Printing subsystems.
    john donell Jan 04, 2006
  • samuel.ludlow

    Hard Coding Pape Size during Printing

    Every time I set up a new Windows printer I spend a few minutes going through every bit of the printer properties making sure that every bit is set to A4. The code discussed in this article shows, ...
    samuel.ludlow Jan 04, 2006
  • James Divine

    Simple Barcoding In C#

    This article provides a simple way to produce Code 3 of 9 Barcodes through C#. While there are many third-party controls that offer this functionality, it is just as simple to integrate your barcod...
    James Divine Jan 04, 2006