React is an open-source JavaScript library providing a view for data rendered as HTML. React views are typically rendered using components that contain additional components specified as custom HTML tags. It is currently one of the most popular JavaScript libraries and it has a strong foundation and large community behind it.


  • React And Redux Essentials - Part Three

    This series will allow you to learn ReactJS and Redux thoroughly in a steady manner. This is part three of the series.
  • A Simple Calculator In React.js

    In this article, we will learn to build a simple calculator written in React.js. I just wrote this for fun.
  • Implementation Of amCharts In React

    A go-to library for data visualization, you can use amCharts if you need a simple yet powerful and flexible drop-in data visualization solution. amCharts 4 includes both charts and geographical maps.
  • React And Redux Essentials - Part One

    This series will allow you to learn ReactJS and Redux thoroughly in a steady manner.
  • State And Props In React Native Application

    In this article, we will see how to use State and Props in a React Native application.
  • React And Redux Essentials - Part Two

    This series will allow you to learn ReactJS and Redux thoroughly in a steady manner.
  • Single Page App In SharePoint Using React

    In this article, I will be covering the steps to create a Single Page Application (SPA) in Sharepoint using ReactJS.
  • Loading Data In React - Redux-Thunk, Redux-Saga, Suspense, Hooks

    In this article I’ll compare different approaches to load data in React using Redux-Thunk, Redux-Saga, Suspense, and Hooks.
  • React With TypeScript

    This is a very good combination to develop client-side applications. The advantage of this combination is that React is one of the best frameworks in terms of performance. Similarly, TypeScript is having some better features as compared to JavaScript.
  • React Tutorials - Day One - React Introduction

    React Tutorials - React Introduction. In this article, we will learn what is React, React Virtual DOM, DOM manipulation, JavaScript Syntax XML (JSX), One Way Databinding, Limitations of React, React Developer Tools, Shadow DOM.
  • Pure Components In React

    Let's learn pure components in React. In this article, we learn what is pure component, what is Shallow Comparison, and benefits of pure component.
  • ReactJS Application Without Installing NPM

    In this write-up, we will learn to create a React application using React CDN, without installing any npm package.
  • Create Hello World Application📱Using React Native

    In this article, we will learn how to create your first application using React Native. We can create a native mobile app using JavaScript and React.
  • Integration Of React With Redux

    One can create separate files for store, reducer, and actions so as to extend the application as per the requirement. This application gives you a simple idea of how to create a React application and integrate Redux.
  • Multiple Layout In React Using React Router V4

    This article is for beginners who want to learn how to implement multiple layouts to React using React Router V4. Here, I will show you how we can create multiple layouts or master pages and use those layouts for different components using the React-Router.
  • What Is ReactJS and Why Should We Use It?

    In this article, we will learn what React JS is and why we should use React JS instead of other JavaScript frameworks like Angular.
  • Iterating/Loop Through Your Component Property In Render Function In React

    I understand that you need to build some UI elements dynamically in your component’s render function in React. Yes! the only way is to loop through the items, you can either use a for loop or a map function to do so. But the real question is, are we allowed to do that in react? Unfortunately, not in a direct way, you may face some difficulty especially if you come from an Angular background.
  • FlatList React Native

    Here, I am going to explain how we can create a simple list using react-native so that it will work in both IOS and Android application. I have already given a basic introduction about react-native, those who want to check can click here. In this article, I will be explaining how to fetch data from API and show the results in a List(RecyclerView in Android, UITableView in IOS). Please go through the introduction article for the initial setups.
  • Creating A Custom Horizontal Nav Component Using React Office UI Fabric

    I assume that you are working in Office UI Fabric React components and you wanted to create a horizontal menu component in your react solution. Unfortunately, the normal Nav component in the Office UI Fabric doesn’t give you this option. And somehow you reached here by searching for a solution to implement the horizontal menu. You are in the right place then.
  • An Introduction To React Native

    React Native is a way to write a cross-platform application on JavaScript. If you know JavaScript then probably you can get started with react native immediately, because what react native does is that it provides you a way to write JavaScript and then react native would turn the JavaScript into your native code.
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