Windows Controls
Welcome to Windows Controls section of C# Corner. In this section, you will find various Windows Controls related source code samples, articles, tutorials, and tips.


  • Designing Inherited Controls for Windows Forms

    This article uses Windows Form's TextBox control to explain how to design your controls.
  • Vertical Calendar Control

    The VerticalCalendar control represents an alternative for standard MonthCalendar control and may be used wherever MonthCalendar control is used.
  • Custom ComboBox

    The attached source code is a C# application that demonstrates how to create a custom ComboBox control in Windows Forms.
  • StatusBars in Real Applications

    In this article we will investigate the StatusBar control of .NET Framework library.
  • Directory Picker Pro in C#

    In my latest project I needed a dialog for picking a directory. I searched through the web, but found nothing that looked nice. First of all I wanted a TreeView for display, and I wanted to view all system drives (with correct names and icons).
  • Using Enter and Tab Keys to Navigate on a Form

    When building Windows Forms application you may want to use a tab or return key to navigate on your textboxes. This code shows you how to do it.
  • Grid View Control V - Sizing and Tabbing in the GridView

    This article is in response to forums question how do I resize and use tabbing in GridView control.
  • Revise-Generating ComboBox in a DataGrid Column

    This article and attached source code shows how to add a ComboBox column to a DataGrid control.
  • Object Binding in DataGrid with C#

    In this article, I will discuss how to bind objects such as an ArrayList to a DataGrid control using C#.
  • How to Populate a DropDownList insides a DataGrid through an XML File

    In this article, we will show how to fill a DropDownList inside a DataGrid through an XML file. We will also show how the contents of one DropDownList changes dynamically as we change the index of second DropDownList (both inside the grid).
  • Localizable Message Box Control

    This is localizable MessageBox control. Buttons on standard windows message box controls are always Yes, No, Abort, Cancel, OK, Ignore, Retry. I needed different text on my message boxes so I decided to develop custom message box control.
  • Revised C# Control of a Dial

    The C# Custom Dial Control is a custom dial control written using GDI+ and C#. This article and the attached source code is a revised version of my previous article with an extended version of the control.
  • Meter Windows Control

    This article is a revised version of previous article named Windows Forms Controls in C# and .NET (Analog Meter).
  • Checked List Box Sample in C#

    This example shows how to use CheckedListBox control in C# and Windows Forms.
  • Adding & Retrieving items from listbox and check list box

    The attached source code shows how to add and retrieve items of Windows Forms ListBox and CheckListBox controls.
  • Selecting and Highlighting Multiple Columns in a Data Grid

    This article shows how to select multiple columns in a DataGrid and highlight the columns selected.