Internet of Things: Future


This chapter would discuss why we should invest in work, sales, and study in the field of IoT. And, in the next future, what everyone should expect from IoT.

Future of IoT

To better understand what will be the future with IoT, let’s have an understanding of the growth in technology with the technology road map in the figure "IoT Technology Roadmap".
IoT Technology Roadmap
Figure: IoT Technology Roadmap
From this graph, we can see the massive advancement in technology since the year 2000 until now with still more to go in the future.
Back in 2000, we had RFID tags for identifying objects and facilitating routing. Then came surveillance, security, healthcare, transport management. We are now living at a time where we can locate people and everyday objects. And soon, we are about to experience the essence of teleoperation and telepresence!
That is how lives will be. With the rapid advancement in technology, we can take care of our near and dear ones, our possessions even from another corner of the world. Everything will become connected!
To better understand why the future with IoT will be bright let’s have a look at the graph in the Figure "IoT – Explosion of Connected Possibility" for the explosion of connected possibilities and hence leading to several new job openings!
Explosion of Connected Possibility
Figure: IoT – Explosion of Connected Possibility
The number of devices that will be connected are many hence leading to a new job and research scopes.
Let’s look at some of the major IoT giants 2020 predictions:
  • By 2020, 20% of computers will learn not only to process but also to work and manage things like humans.
  • By 2017, 65% of data center capacity will be private.
  • Companies will compete across industry borders, which means companies will compete with their rivals outside industries as well.
  • By 2020, around 50 billion devices will be connected.
  • The supply chain will be revolutionized by 3D printing.
Let’s watch this video from IoT Asia to see how IoT is enhancing our lives.
Hence, we can see that IoT has enormous potential and will highly influence us soon.
That’s all for this chapter. I hope this chapter was helpful and you enjoyed reading!
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