Learn Flutter

Flutter developed by Google is an open-source, modern mobile UI framework for crafting high-quality native interfaces or apps for iOS and Android.
Flutter is a modern reactive framework (keyword being reactive) to develop cross-platform native mobile apps using a single code base. Even though Google doesn’t say it, many people from the developer community are considering this as Google’s answer to Facebook’s React Native and Microsoft Xamarin.Forms.
In this learn series, you'll learn the following: 
  1. Introduction to Flutter
  2. Set Up Flutter On Windows
  3. Install Flutter on Windows with Visual Studio Code
  4. Create A First Flutter App In Visual Studio Code
  5. What Are Stateless And Stateful Widget In Flutter
  6. Google Firebase Email/Password and Google Login In Flutter
  7. SharedPreferences In Flutter
  8. Fingerprint Authentication In Flutter
  9. Flutter Push Notification Using Firebase
  10. Firebase Firestore CRUD Operation In Flutter
  11. How To Set App Icon In Flutter
  12. Bottom Navigation Tab Bar In Flutter
  13. Form Validation In Flutter
  14. State Management Using Provider In Flutter
  15. Pagination In Flutter Using Firebase Cloud Firestore
  16. Chat App Data Structure In Firebase Firestore
  17. Release APK In Flutter
  18. Flutter REST API
  19. Implement Charts In Flutter
  20. Chat App In Flutter Using Google Firebase
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