Create Parameter Field

If we want to create parameter fields, first, go to Fields Explorer -> Right click on Parameter -> Select New Parameter.

Now, we can see a dialog box in our Window. Fill the,
  • Name of the parameter.
  • Type of the parameter.
  • Set the value like string, number etc.
  • Set the value field and description field.
  • Choose the data, which you want, according to the condition.
  • Click OK.

Create a Parameter with Multiple Values

To create a parameter, which allow multiple values. Go to Field Explorer -> Right click on Parameter -> New Parameter -> Value Option -> Allow multiple values -> True.


Now, we can select multiple values in a single parameter.


Specify Discrete or Range Values
  • Discrete
    Discrete allows all the discrete value in the parameter.

  • Range
    Range, we prompted for the parameter values. You can enter a start value and an end value.


Thus, we learnt working with parameters field in Crystal Report.
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