In Crystal Report, we can also create a subreport. With the help of the subreport, we can join the dissimilar report into a single report. Subreport is used to join the data, which is not related to each other into a single report. We can divide the subreport into two main parts:

Linked Subreports

Linked Subreport includes only that data, which is easily connected with the main report. When we add some fields with the main report and some fields with the subreport, the report generated has a subreport for each field.

Unlinked Subreports

In the Unlinked subreport, it is not compulsory that the data is linked to the main report. This subreport doesn’t allow the similar data in the report.

Subreports can be related with the data-passing links or filters.
Inserting Subreports

When we create a subreport, our main report is fixed and subreport is a current report or a new report. Features of sub report depend on it and it is linked or unlinked. The main thing is the data source, means we will use the same data source in both subreport and main report. We cannot insert subreport into another subreport. It is inserted subreport as an element into a main report.

Difference between Subreport and Main Report

We have some difference between subreport and Main report,
  • We cannot generate subreport of the subreport.
  • Subreport worked as an element in the main report.
  • It can be generated in any report part and all subreport.
  • It doesn’t allow header or footers part in the report page.

Thus, we learnt, subreport is used to connect the different data into a single report.
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