Formulas are used to do the calculation in the report. In Crystal Report, we can insert a large amount of the data. To handle this data properly, we use formulas. It includes the function and operators to solve the calculation. Some common formulas are calculations, date and time, date range, type conversion etc.


We can divide the formula into two parts,
  • Syntax
  • Components.
Syntax - Syntax is the method, which we allow to set the data.

Components - 
Formulas are created by the components.

Types of Formulas

In Crystal Report, formulas have two parts,
  • Selection formulas
  • Formatting formulas
Selection Formulas - This type of formulas are used as a standalone.

Formatting Formulas - 
This type of formulas show the condition, which formula can be used in a report.

We can use the formulas in the report with these two tabs.



Thus, we learnt to create the formulas and we have done the calculation in the report.
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