Query Filters & Filter Conditions

We have some types of query filters, which we can be used in SAP Crystal Report,
  • Predefined filters
  • Custom Filters
  • Prompts
  • Complex filters
Predefine Filters

Predefined Filters are already defined in the query panel. It allows us to restrict the information, given by the particular element, detail on which, it is applied. The tools can be easily dragged, which we used in the filter. In SAP Crystal Report, when we run the query data, the data will be returned in the report.

Custom Filters

Custom Filters are generated with the queries in the query panel. In this, drag the tools and make the relational operator.


Prompts Filter, supports the Prompt operand in Web Intelligence. We used Prompt operand to create a prompted query. Prompts Filters are used as a dialog box, when the report user refreshes the document and allows the user to specify the query filter value.

Complex filters

Complex filter is used to show the multiple filters or the particular relationship between them. The relationship is defined in the form of the logical association with the AND and OR operators.

Gives the result in the rows, which allows all the statements in the filters or a set of filters.

Gives the result in the rows, which allows one statement in the filters or a set of filters.
Filter Condition

Constant option allows you to enter a single value in the filter. List of values allow you to choose one value from all the available values for an object. Prompt is used to pass the dynamic value to a query filter.


Constant is a value into the text box.

It is also a dialog box, which is add element in our report.

In this dialog box, we select a Prompt to insert a new prompt. After completing the process, click OK.


Thus, we learnt, how many types of query filters are there in Crystal Report.
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