Getting Help

Here, we discuss about the “Help” of Crystal Report, because this option gives more information and many links from SAP to learn Crystal Report. If we need to learn more about the SAP Crystal Reports, we will use these links.

First, we go to the 'Help' option in SAP Business Object on the Web.

We have some options in this tab, for easily understand the Crystal Report.
  • .NET Home
  • Developer News
  • SAP Business Object Support
  • SAP Business Object Home

.Net Home

These options gives the information about .NET. We find here .NET Applications and latest news, articles, blogs, service packs etc.


Developer News

This option is introduced to get the updated news of the developers. Here, if we click on the Developer center, it gives all news about this.


SAP Business Object Support

SAP is a Business Intelligence Tool. We learn here, how to use our personal data in Crystal Report with Visual Studio.

SAP Business Object Home

In this option, we learn about the SAP Business Object Home.


Thus, we learnt, how we find more information about Crystal Report.
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