Time Based Filters

We know filter is used to extract the data, based on the certain parameter. Time Based Filter is used in SAP Crystal Report to find the certain period of time of any data. It can use many conditions in Time Based Filters, according to the data.

In this report, we saw some data. Now, we are applying Time Based Filter in it.


To filter the data, first click 'Select Expert' option. Select our database table fields and click OK.


Now, choose any condition, which we want for the data and select the data, where we apply the filter condition with the drop down list. After selecting the data and condition, click OK button.


When we select the data, it gives an option 'Saved Data' or 'Refresh Data'. To show the output and click Refresh button.


After completing all the process, mentioned above, we see the data is filtered in our report.


Thus, we learnt, Time Based Filters are used to find the limited period of time of any data in Crystal Report. 
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