Crystal Report are famous Windows-based reports. SAP Crystal Report is used to create the reports by the programmer with a minimum written code. This is a business intelligence tool. We can use SAP Crystal Report in any database like - SQL, Oracle, OLAP. In Crystal Report, many simple and multiple reports can be created. Here, we allow the end users to create the reports, according to the business demands into the reports to reduce the need on IT and Report developers.

SAP Crystal Report access the data from many databases, using Open Database Connectivity(ODBC).

To create the connection with another program in SAP Crystal Report, we use ActiveX control. When we need to control Crystal Report during design and run time, we can set the properties.


Advantages of Crystal Report
  • In Crystal Report, we can easily create the reports with the suitable pixels.
  • We can send the personal data of our business.
  • We can connect Crystal Report to any database.
  • End user cannot update the data, which is used in the report.
  • We can also open the connected data with your mobile devices.
Disadvantages of Crystal Report
  • It is compulsory to buy the version, which allows you to install the run time components for the end user.
  • We need to buy the licence of Crystal Report in each PC.

Thus, we learnt, Crystal Report is used to create the reports.
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